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Commercial Photographer

Commercial Photographer (Full Time)

The Role 

AGI Studios is looking for a commercial photographer to join our team. This role is responsible for photographing for our portfolio of corporate clients, and must be comfortable playing other roles – creative director, client chit-chatter, all-around team player – as needed.


Core responsibilities include:

  • Shooting commercial and advertising photography

  • Working collaboratively with a team of peers, clients, producers, and talent – or working alone

  • Understanding client requirements and translating them into stunning visuals

  • Preparing a set, including lighting, to capture great results

  • Assisting the post-production team to exceed the client’s expectations


Who You Are

  • You’re a great communicator, both within a team and when interacting with clients.

  • You’re creative and have an extraordinary eye for detail. 

  • You work well alone and are self-motivated and initiating, but also enjoy contributing to a team. 

  • You’re tech savvy; you know how to use camera equipment, hardware, and software, and are familiar with production and troubleshooting processes. If you’re proficient in shooting tethered using Capture One, that’s icing on the cake.

  • You aren’t afraid to put in work. You work well under pressure, meet deadlines, and can put in a few extra hours (only occasionally) on the weekends or after hours if needed. 

  • You’re able and willing to lift and move heavy equipment.


Who We Are

We’re image masters:

If it involves moving or still images, it’s in our wheelhouse. Our laser focus on imagery empowers us to lead in our field; we use top-notch equipment, leading software, and thoughtful process, and we push creative boundaries to deliver work that impresses, inspires, and gets results.



We’re creative nerds:

We’re equally committed to inspired artistry and technical excellence. We know we’re not here just to make pretty things – we’re here to solve business problems. We’re proud to eat, sleep, and breathe what we do, because our nerdy-ness is part of what makes us great.



We’re customer-obsessed:

Our partners are like family, and we treat them that way. We’re present at shoots, we make a set feel like home, and we’re only interested in building long-lasting partnerships.  


Traditional Benefits

  • Competitive salary

  • Healthcare coverage 

  • Retirement matching

  • Competitive holiday and PTO packages



Modern Benefits


Be a big fish:

Our team is small by design. When you work at a large agency, you can get lost in the shuffle, and might not be able to interact with clients. On our team, not only will you develop deep, lasting relationships with your peers, but you’ll have the opportunity to be the face of our team, traveling to shoots and working closely with our partners. 


See the world:

AGI has clients all over the U.S. and in parts of Europe. If you like the idea of packing a bag to travel to a shoot in another part of the world, this is the job for you. 


Have fun:

It’s only because we’re so good at what we do that we’re able to have so much fun doing it. At AGI, you can expect to produce exceptional work while having a blast with people who feel more like friends than coworkers.