Behind the Scenes

LMG / Synchrony Financial

This campaign is a take on a visual metaphor to represent the partnership Synchrony Financial has with their customers, working hand-in-hand to meet their financing needs.

Neff Clothing Company

Multi-day clothing catalog shoot for the Neff Clothing Company


Behind the scenes of the proof of concept we created for a fictional futuristic golf device that would provide helpful data via a heads up display (HUD). 


Here's the finished video.

Graphica / Holloway

We made it rain in the studio to help highlight the water resistant fabric Holloway offered. 


School of Advertising Art

Every year the School of Advertising Art ( sends their students to us to shoot an ad concept. The students are given an assignment to craft a conceptual print ad for a product that costs less than ten dollars. Once the student has chosen their product, they present their concepts to the instructor and then to us. We discuss the various challenges in the execution of the photo concept that they have chosen. At that point, they gather the props, backgrounds, models and all materials needed to produce the photograph and come to our studio for a day of shooting.

This is one of the most fun and gratifying projects that we are involved in. We hope you enjoy a quick peek behind the curtain!

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