Behind the Scenes: SAA Conceptual Ad Shoot

Fall is here, so that means it's time to work with the second year SAA students on their conceptual ad project. This isn't our first rodeo, check out the behind the scenes video we made a while back of our work with SAA students.

The students are given an everyday, commodity type product and have to create a single page ad that conveys that product's attributes in a visually appealing and impactful manner. They use the skills they have acquired to come up with a concept, write a headline and direct a studio photo shoot to produce the final ad.

This is always a highlight project for us in that the students bring fresh, out of the box thinking and bundle that with unbridled enthusiasm to try something different photographically. It's always fun to help them problem solve their way through the photographic portion of the project and honestly, we learn as much as they do. Win-win situation for all!

These images are from one of the student's products that has "explosive flavor"!


Art Direction / Design: Taylor Logan

Model: Bre Marie Ewing

Here is a screen grab from the session