Personal 04

Time for another installment of PERSONAL, where we share personal images from the crew. (click to enlarge images)


Greg shot this image of recently harvested hops buds ready to be added to the next batch of Spaten’s Oktoberfest bier In Münich, Germany. A thing of beauty ready to be transformed into a thing of even greater beauty!


Dan shot this image late afternoon at the train station in Feldkirkin, Germany. He says, "when I  travel I try to incorporate doors in my shots. This is something i’ve been doing for the last 10-12 years."


Steve captured this image in Cape Cod. He says, "the house at the bottom of the hill on Great Hollow Road, North Truro Massachusetts was my grandfathers. It was built in 1950 and ever since I can remember, we would spend a few weeks in the summer there on occasion. For my sister and I, it was our chance to visit with our only aunt, uncle and cousins and experience what seemed like a great adventure. We could find clay pipe stems, pottery shards and whale bones on the hill between the houses. That hill served as a trash dump for 18th century inhabitants. This sunset view makes it easy to see why my Uncle Milt and countless other artists choose to paint on Cape Cod."


John made this photograph of Master Glassblower James Michael Kahle while attending a class at his studio in north Dayton.


Chris captured this image while on location in München during Oktoberfest. No camera was harmed in the making of this photo.