Personal 03

Time for another installment of PERSONAL, where we share personal images from the crew. (click to enlarge images)


Greg shot this image of Pittsburgh's Union Station while on a self assignment trip to do snapshots of significant architecture with just a simple "point and shoot" camera. His commercial architectural shots always involve tilt/shift rectilinear lenses, levels, tripods and sun angle tracking apps. He wanted to forego all the technology and just walk up to the buildings and explore them as a tourist might.


Dan shot this image in Salzburg, Austria. He says, "For several years now when ever I travel, I try to take some time and walk around and shoot doors. I have shot hundreds. Now I just need to do something with them."


Steve captured this early morning image of some old wooden hulled coastal trawlers moored at McMillen Wharf in Provincetown. He says, "I used to see dozens of these boats on this wharf as a kid. Now they are all but gone."



This unique perspective of John’s is an aerial panorama. It was made from 3 photos shot with a quadcopter hovering at about 25 feet at Primary Village South School in Centerville. The images were then stitched together to create this wide angle view.


This rhino was captured by Chris while on a day trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. He saw potential in the image as something more than just an average zoo photo. He isolated the rhino while retaining the natural shape of the drop shadow to create this minimalistic image.