Personal 01

Here's our first installment of PERSONAL, where we share personal images from the crew. We also send these via our email newsletter, to subscribe, please see the form at the bottom of our  contact page.


Greg is not a big fan of snow, but couldn't resist shooting this panorama as the low afternoon light skimmed across the buried stones in the stream bed behind his house.


Dan captured this image while on a short getaway in Niagara Falls. This was shot while standing under the falls looking up. He describes the power and the sound of the water coming over the falls as "absolutely incredible", and classifies it as a "bucket list" type of place.


This photo of the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope was shot by John Green. He was on the summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii during sunset when he captured this gorgeous image.


Steve shot this image of the abandoned lighthouse on Hope Island in Georgian Bay, Ontario. It was shot from his friend's classic 1953 Piper Super Cub. The similarity of these northern waters to the blue water of the Caribean is stunning.


This image was shot by Chris. He recently purchased a new camera and wanted to give it a whirl. Only issue was winter had arrived. With his brother being an avid BMX rider and itching to hit the skate park before the snow took over, Chris found a perfect opportunity to test drive his new equipment.